Washington Post, CNN Websites Hacked

by William White | August 16, 2013 2:10 pm

CyberSecurity[1]The Washington Post’s (WPO[2]) website was hacked[3] on Thursday by a group of Syrians.

The group is called the Syrian Electronic Army, and it’s supportive of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. The group hacked a string of websites that it believes are sympathetic to Syrian rebels. For around 30 minutes, The Washington Post’s website would redirect readers to the website of the Syrian Electronic Army. The hacking of the website came a few days after a phishing attack that tried to obtain passwords of The Washington Post’s employees. The group used Outbrain, a business partner of The Washington Post that directs readers, bloggers and media sites to links based on their interest, to hack The Washington Post’s website, reports the Associated Press.

Other news sites that were hacked[4] by the group include Time and CNN.

“It’s starting to look like there’s an organized campaign targeting major U.S. media outlets,” Tom Kellermann, Trend Micro’s vice president of cybersecurity, told USA Today. “It’s not clear whether their end game is to target reporters’ sources or to use the news sites as watering holes (to infect patrons.)”

The New York Times (NYT[5]) news and corporate websites, as well as its mobile apps went down for a couple of hours[6] on Wednesday, but the company said that this was due to an internal issue.

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