What!? Xerox Scanners Found Changing Numbers in Documents

by Christopher Freeburn | August 9, 2013 11:22 am

xerox 630[1]On Wednesday, Xerox (XRX[2]) conceded that under certain conditions some of its scanners can inadvertently alter numbers in documents scans[3].

The company sought to downplay the issue, calling it “an anomaly,” but issued a software patch to correct the problem. Compression software, which condenses file sizes for scans made with ColorQube and WorkCentre scanners, is being blamed for the number-changing, BusinessWeek notes.

Xerox says that its compression software is based on an industry-standard compression algorithm. The company notes that the problem only occurs when users adjust the file compression settings. In addition to the software patch, it recommends returning the scanner settings to their factory defaults.

A German computer scientist first observed the problem in construction blueprints that had been scanned with Xerox equipment. In the scanned documents, he found that some numbers had mysteriously changed.

Shares of Xerox rose slightly in Friday morning trading.

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