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Would You Send Your Kid to a ‘Hunger Games’ Summer Camp?

'Hunger Games' summer camp counselors were put off by kids violence


hunger games franchise 630A Florida summer camp draws kids in with a Hunger Games theme.

The camp, based in Largo, Fla., kept with the elimination theme of the books and movie, but it was done in a style similar to flag football. Counselors tried to change the meaning of capturing the flags part way through the week to saving lives instead of taking them, but the idea didn’t catch on with the kids. The camp decided to change its theme to team building after counselors were put off by the violence being shown by the children, reports Time.

12-year-old Rylee Miller told her friend Julianna Pettey, who is also 12,  “I don’t want to kill you,” to which Pettey replied  “I will probably kill you first. I might stab you,” reports The Tampa Bay Times.

During the last day of the camp CJ Hatzilias, 11, had his flag taken after he was shoved to the ground by a group of boys, but they didn’t stop there. The group of boys proceeded to kick Hatzilias while he was down. Hatzilias, who was crying at the time, was escorted to the camp offices, reports The Tampa Bay Times.

The Hunger Games has become a popular series that has been adapted into a movie by Lionsgate (LGF), as well as having its characters appear in Mattel’s (MAT) Barbie toy line.

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