Yoplait Pins Hopes on a ‘Less Sour’ Greek Yogurt

by William White | August 13, 2013 1:47 pm

General Mills GIS[1]General Mills (GIS[2]) launched a campaign[3] focusing on its Yoplait Greek yogurt this week.

Yoplait Greek yogurt has been relaunched with a new formula, packaging and advertising. General Mills is advertising the yogurt as tasting better than what Greek yogurt normally does. The campaign’s tagline is “it’s time to lick the lid again.” Yoplait hopes that its new Greek yogurt will make up for its late start into the market, as well as for when it used a thickening additive over traditional straining methods. The company has worked to make sure its fruits are fully blended, and that there are less “sour notes” in the yogurt, reports Advertising Age.

Rival yogurt maker Danone SA (DANOY[4]) purchased YoCrunch[5] last week to increase its presence in the United States. The company also teamed up[6] with Starbucks (SBUX[7]) in July to provide the coffeehouse’s customers with Greek yogurt.

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