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5 New High-Tech Tools to Monitor Your Pets

One device tracks a dog's movment


The New York Times has collected information on several high-tech tools that are making it easier for pet owner to keep track of what their pets are doing while they are away.

  • Whistle – Whistle is a small steel tag that tracks a dog’s movement and relays it to the owner though a smartphone app. The device can tell pet owners if a dog has been active during the day or if it has just been laying around. The pet tracking device cost $100.
  • PASSport Pet Access Smart System – The PASSport Pet Access Smart System is a new type of pet door that can register up to 20 different pets. The door can be programmed to only allow certain pets outside at certain times. The small version of the PASSport door cost about $230 while the medium version cost about $280. There isn’t a version of the door for large pets, yet.
  • PetZen – PetZen is a company that creates treadmills for dogs. The company currently makes three different sizes of dog treadmills that cost $500 to $1000.
  • AiKiou – AiKiou (pronounced I.Q.) is a company that creates food bowls for dogs and cats that require the animals to use their natural problem-solving skills to obtain food.
  • Go-Go Dog Pals – Go-Go Dog Pals are remote control cars in the shape of animals that dogs can chase around. The cars are covered in a hard plastic to keep the devices from getting hurt during rough play with dogs. The cars can travel at speeds up to 22 mph and cost $230.

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