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6 Things You Didn’t Know Could Trigger Heart Attack

Be wary of certain fish and antibacterial soap


broken heart 630ABC News has listed six unlikely things that can cause heart attacks. Scientist have discovered new things that can cause heart attacks and they aren’t always what people expect.

  1. Nonstick Chemicals – Nonstick and stain repelling chemicals have been linked to infertility, high cholesterol, and ADHD. A study done in 2012 has linked the chemicals to heart disease as well.
  2. Climate Change – Linda Marsa, an investigative journalist, listed the warming climate as a cause of heart attacks. The book claims that the heat causes air particles in polluted air to form that can travel into the lungs. The particles can potentially get into the bloodstream and block arteries.
  3. Triclosan – A chemical that is found in toothpaste and antibacterial soap that has previously been linked to thyroid disease. New research finds that is can also damage heart and muscle tissue.
  4. Canned Food – Bisphenol A (BPA), is a hormone found in canned food that has been linked to heart arrhythmia, the erratic beating of the heart, which can cause death.
  5. Traffic Jams – Scientist in Germany have found that people stuck in traffic jams are 3.2 times more at risk of a heart attack than people not in traffic jams.
  6. Some Seafood – Fish that have high levels of mercury in them can interfere with the body’s ability to handle stress, which increases the chance of heart disease.

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