Amazon Announces Kindle MatchBook Program

by Burke Speaker | September 3, 2013 2:26 pm

Beginning in October, Amazon (AMZN[1]) will launch Kindle MatchBook, a program offering readers the ability to purchase Kindle e-books for a reduced price if they previously bought the paper book from

For consumers, that may mean re-purchasing a book you bought years ago, but the benefit is that is will be for a less expensive price than for the full e-book charge.

Cost for the digital version ranges from free to between $0.99 to $2.99.

“If you logged onto your CompuServe account during the Clinton administration and bought a book like ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’ from Amazon, Kindle MatchBook now makes it possible for that purchase — 18 years later — to be added to your Kindle library at a very low cost,” Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content, said in a statement.

More than 10,000 copies become available when the program starts in October.

The program is set to launch around the same time as the release of the new Kindle. Already, the price for Kindles already on the market are being reduced[2] in anticipation of the updated version.

Read Amazon’s press release here.[3]

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