Amazon Announces New Kindle Paperwhite

by William White | September 4, 2013 1:13 pm

Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi[1]Amazon (AMZN[2]), announced on Tuesday[3], that its newest e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite, will start shipping Sept. 30.

The Paperwhite will start at $119 and will include advertisements. Another version of the e-reader will be available for $139 and won’t include ads. The new Paperwhite looks similar to last year’s model, but features a higher contrast display, a faster processor and a redesigned built-in light. The faster processor will help the Paperwhite turn pages faster. Also added to the new Paperwhite is compatibility with Goodreads, a Free Time mode for kids and an expansion to the X-ray feature that premiered in last year’s model. The new X-ray expansion includes a full dictionary and access to Wikipedia, which will improve Paperwhite’s Smart Lookup tool. The Paperwhite also features a Vocabulary Builder. The Vocabulary Builder will save words that users have looked up. Users can then use those words as flashcards to help study their definitions, reports The Verge.

Amazon also announced its Kindle Matchbook program[4]. The program allows Kindle users to purchase books for their Kindles at a reduced price if they’ve purchased the hard copy through Amazon.

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