Batman, Captain America Rescue Cat From Fire

by William White | September 11, 2013 10:42 am

Two men, dressed as Batman and Captain America, rescued a cat[1] from a burning building on Saturday.

The men behind the mask were John Buckland and Troy Marcum. The two run a service called “Heroes 4 Higher” and were entertaining children at American Legion Post 139 when they noticed smoke. The two noticed that the smoke was coming from a house behind the American Legion and went to investigate. They were joined by Sam Carr, who had just finished a motorcycle benefit ride. Buckland, who was a fire fighter in Georgia for eight years, and Carr kicked in the front door of the house while Marcum smashed the front window with a large rock. Marcum smashed the window to allow the smoke an exit from the house, making it easier for Buckland to search the building. Buckland crawled a few feet into the building’s first room when he put his hand on something furry. He grabbed the object and brought it outside to find that it was a cat. The cat was unconscious, but was revived after Buckland gave it mouth-to-mouth. When the cat woke up, it started hissing and scratching at Buckland. According to the owners of the house, who were gone during the fire, there were two more cats that were lost in the fire, reports The Herald-Dispatch.

“I don’t think we did anything anybody else wouldn’t have done,” Buckland told WSAZ Channel 3[2],  “Fortunately, I had some really cool clothes on to do it with, and it actually helped cause the heat really didn’t get to me that bad.”

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