Bing to Get a New Look and Feel

by William White | September 17, 2013 2:24 pm

Microsoft NASDAQ:MSFT[1]Microsoft (MSFT[2]) will be bringing changes [3]to its Bing search engine in the coming days.

The engine is being redesigned to be “faster, cleaner and more visually appealing,” a blog post made by Lawrence Ripsher, General Manager of User Experiences at Bing, claims. The post states that the redesigns are to make Bing more modern.

According to the blog post, one of the new features coming to Bing is called “Page Zero”. Page Zero is Bing’s attempt to bring search information to users faster than before. The feature will start bringing up content related to what a user is searching for before they complete the search. One example of Page Zero in action is if a user searches for an airline, Bing will automatically bring up options such as Check In and Flight Status. Another feature coming to the search engine is “Pole Position”. The Pole Position feature will give users data based off of what Bing thinks the intent of their search was. For example, if a user searches for “Columbus weather”, Bing will show a detailed view of the weather in that area for the next few days. Microsoft is also redesigning the search engine for easier use on mobile devices.

Users who want to check out a preview of the new Bing can click here[4].

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