Bizarre Creature Wins World’s Ugliest Animal Award

by Karl Utermohlen | September 16, 2013 12:52 pm

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society has named the blobfish as the ugliest animal in the world.

Fox News reported on Friday[1] that this slimy and round deep-sea dweller is the organization’s new mascot, coming ahead of ten other nominees including the ‘scrotum frog.’ The fish was chosen by the U.K.-based Ugly Animal Preservation as part of the organization’s campaign to protect more aesthetically challenged children since people usually fawn over cute animals. blobfish[2]

The blobfish are in danger of dying out since they feed off crabs and lobsters off the coast of Australia and Tasmania where they risk being caught in fishing trawlers. Overfishing for crabs and lobsters could result in the extinction of the blobfish unless something is done to protect them.

Physicist Brian Cox commented on the subject, saying that cute animals get all the attention but there are ugly species that are endangered and they deserve more press.

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