Burger King to Create Game-Changing French Fry

by William White | September 24, 2013 10:20 am

Burger King Worldwide NYSE:BKW[1]Burger King (BKW[2]) plans to release a new french fry that has 40% less fat[3] and 30% fewer calories than McDonald’s (MCD[4]) fries.

Burger King says that 70 grams of its new fries have 150 calories while the same amount of McDonald’s fries have 226 calories. The new fries, called “Satisfries”, will be crinkle cut and are made with a different type of batter. Burger King worked with McCain Foods, the company that supplies it with french fries, to develop a new batter that would absorb less fat than its normal batter during the frying process. The new crinkle fries won’t be replacing Burger King’s other fires, but they will be cooked in the same oil. Children meals can switch out normal fries for the more healthy crinkle fries for free, but the fast food chain suggest that its franchisees increase the price on the fries by 20 cents to 30 cents for adults, reports The New York Times.

Burger King went to great lengths to keep its Satisfries secret. The company invited reporters to preview a “top secret new product” last week. The reporters had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. All who attended the preview were served a carton of the new fries, reports the Associated Press[5].

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