Can You Hack iPhone’s Fingerprint Scanner? Drink Up!

by Christopher Freeburn | September 20, 2013 10:20 am

iphone 5s white[1]On Friday, Apple‘s (AAPL[2]) new iPhone 5s hits store shelves for the first time. But iPhone fans won’t be the only ones eager to get their hands on the pricey handset[3].

The new flagship iPhone comes with a fingerprint sensor that Apple has touted as enhancing the device’s security. That has been taken as a challenge by hackers. Enough of a challenge, in fact, that IO Capital, a Chicago-based micro venture capital firm, has partnered with some computer experts to launch a contest, inviting hackers to try and hack the new iPhone, Reuters notes.

Whoever penetrates the iPhone 5s’ security first gets a $13,000 prize, which includes cash, Bitcoins, books and liquor. The firm has created a website to promote the contest.

A founding partner at IO Capital says the contest is meant to expose any problems in the iPhone 5s’ security systems before hackers with potentially malevolent intent can exploit them. “This will make things safer,” he told Reuters.

Even before the contest kicks off, Apple has released a security update for the new iPhone, designed to repair a vulnerability in its new iOS 7 operating system detected by a Spanish soldier.

Recent reports suggest that the inclusion of the fingerprint sensor may have resulted in manufacturing delays[4] that will constrain iPhone 5s supplies at launch.

Apple shares rose modestly in Friday trading.

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