Candle Shop Was Front for Illicit Goings-Ons

by Christopher Freeburn | September 11, 2013 1:26 pm

candle[1]When shop owners at a mall in San Antonio, Texas, noticed that a candle store’s clients appeared to be all men, they grew suspicious and called the cops[2].

Police sent an undercover officer into the Black Stone Relaxation/Day Spa, where an employee promptly removed her clothes and suggested sexual favors in exchange for $65. She said that other sexual services were also available for a price. Based on evidence gathered during the investigation, city prosecutors have charged two men with promoting “aggravated prostitution” at the store, the San Antonio Express-News notes.

One of the men has already agreed to spend five years in jail on the charges. The other will be sentenced in October and could get up to a decade in prison.

Prosecutors say that while the candle shop wasn’t a “full-on brothel,” prostitution was taking place on the premises.

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