Coke Set to Launch World’s First ‘Hot Soda’

by Burke Speaker | September 11, 2013 9:54 am

Following four years of research and testing, Coca-Cola (COKE[1]) is introducing the first ‘hot soda’ for consumers in October.

‘Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale” is available in Japan and may move to other markets after the test phase there.

From the Telegraph:[2]

The drink, which has a spicy cinnamon and apple flavor, … will go on sale next month in vending machines across Japan.

Japan’s competitive soft drinks industry is constantly on the look out for new trends, tapping into the nation’s appetite for innovation with eclectic products ranging from yoghurt-flavored Pepsi to curry lemonade.

While there is no reports of if or when the hot drink will be available in the United States, San Diego-based company Hot Can Inc.[3] already sells self-heating packaging. Gizmag[4] notes the heat activation process combines water and calcium oxide and heats the soda while keeping its carbonation.

The soda goes for about $1.20.

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