College Students Make Fruit Salad Weighing 15,000 Lbs.

by William White | September 3, 2013 2:45 pm

College students at the University of Massachusetts kicked off the new academic year by making a 15,000 pound[1] fruit salad.

500 students and staff worked together to peel, slice and dice 150 different varieties of fruit into a salad. The ingredients for the 15,000 pound salad were mixed together in a 15-foot diameter swimming pool. The salad included 20 different types of apples that weighed over 3,600 pounds, 19 different types of melons that weighed over 2,500 pounds, as well as peaches, bananas, oranges and berries. The salad also included more exotic fruits, such as quince, passion fruit and rambutan. The salad was confirmed by a Guinness World Records representative to be the biggest fruit salad ever made, reports the Associated Press.

The University of Massachusetts raised $38,000[2] to cover the cost of the event. The money was provided by corporate sponsors that included Dole Food (DOLE[3]), Kittredge Equipment and Coca-Cola (KO[4]).

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