Cologne Based on Pope Francis Hits Shelves

by William White | September 19, 2013 1:32 pm

popefrancis[1]Excelsis Fine Fragrances, a California-based company the produces Pope-themed cologne, announced the release of its new scent[2], dubbed “Francis”, on Tuesday.

Frederick Hass, CEO of Excelsis, said that he wanted to create a fragrance that matched the “humble and down to earth” personality of Pope Francis. The cologne is made up of bergamot, a citrus fruit, and sandalwood. Hass started Excelsis in 2005 after obtaining the recipe for the cologne worn by Pope Pius IX. Since then, he has been experimenting by creating more colognes. He released a scent for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in 2006 called “Benedictus”, reports The Christian Post.

“I put a great deal of thought and effort into creating Francis and we are simply thrilled with the enthusiastic early reaction to it,” Hass said in a press release[3] from Excelsis.

Examples of Pope Francis’ humble nature include him taking the Vatican bus over a special car[4], trying to pay his hotel bill himself and personally calling in to cancel his newspaper subscription[5].

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