Couple Spends Less Than $2 on Wedding Reception for 70 Guests

by William White | September 5, 2013 11:59 am

Pile of U.S. coins 630[1]Georgina Porteous, 36, and Sid Innes, 39, spent just $1.56[2] on their wedding.

The Scottish couple have dedicated themselves to recycling and being self-sufficient, which is what led to the small wedding cost. Porteous found a wedding dress for $1.56 on, a website used for gifting and exchanges, while Innes wore an old suit. The couple held the ceremony in a barn behind their house, used rings that were made by Porteous from antlers found in her garden and had Porteous’ mother officiate the ceremony. The local reverend offered his services for free to make the wedding official. The couple held a potluck dinner for 70 at the reception, which was decorated with flowers, hay bales and lanterns donated by local farmers. The wedding cake was baked by Porteous’s aunt, music was provided by her father, who played saxophone, and pictures were taken by a photographer in exchanged for some film editing done by Porteous. The one thing the couple couldn’t avoid paying for though was the $109.23 charge for a marriage license, reports Codewit World News.

“I don’t see the point in these massive weddings,” Porteous told the Huffington Post[3]. “It takes away from what marriage is truly about.”

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