Devil Dogs, Ring Dings Head Back to Store Shelves

by William White | September 24, 2013 1:30 pm

Devil Dogs, Ring Dings and Drake’s Coffee Cakes are heading back[1] to store shelves this week.

The snacks were off store shelves for a short time due to business matters that had to be taken care of. The return to shelves is a quiet one, with the company’s social media sites being what announces the items’ return. Drake’s will have a store tracker on its website that will allow visitors to track down where they can purchase the snacks. The snack cake manufacturer will likely have to look for new clients to sell its products to if it wants to last in the market. This could be challenging as the country heads toward more healthy eating habits, reports PR Newser.

Twinkies returned to store shelves[2] earlier this year after being on hiatus for less than a year[3]. When Twinkies did return to shelves there were a few changes made to  them. One specific change is that the new version of the snack cakes now have twice the shelf life[4] when compared to their predecessors.

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