DirecTV Inks Deal to Air Indie Films Before They Hit Theaters

by William White | September 30, 2013 9:09 am

DirecTV Blockbuster[1]DirecTV (DTV[2]) inked a deal with independent movie studio A24 to air its movies 30 days[3] before they hit theaters.

DirecTV has already spent $40 million to co-finance and market the studios independent movies. The first movie obtained by DirecTV from the studio is Enemy, which is a thriller that stars Jake Gyllenhaal. DirecTV’s financial support will allow A24 to produce movies cheaper than what it has before. The studio will also see more promotional support from DirecTV, which plans to put the independent films “front and center” on its video-on-demand service.The broadcast service plans to air Enemy early next year. After the first movie airs, the company hopes to offer one new movie to its video-on-demand subscribers once a month. The company plans to charge $10.99 to $12.99 for seven-day rentals of the movies, reports The Wall Street Journal.

DirecTV’s deal to bring independent movies to its viewers a month before they hit theaters could dampen the blow that the company may receive when its contract with the NFL expires in two years[4]. While DirecTV is looking to renew the contract, it may lose it to other bidders that have shown interest in the deal.

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