Disney Considers Creating Original Content for Netflix, Amazon

by William White | September 25, 2013 11:28 am

Walt Disney logo[1]Bob Iger, CEO of Disney (DIS[2]), said that Disney is considering making original content[3] for Netflix (NFLX[4]) and Amazon (AMZN[5]).

Iger said that the original content could come from one its many assets, including Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar or ESPN. He also went on to say that Disney will continue to create content for its own channels, but if an online streaming service wanted exclusive content, Disney could make it for them. Iger said that the content could come in a few different forms. He said that Disney could create new traditional-looking TV shows for the services or it could also create short clips and mini-episodes that would be more accessible by mobile users. Iger went on to explain that mobile users could potentially watch the mini-episodes and then receive Tweets concerning the story, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

“There are some interesting opportunities for us to monetize not just our brands, but our ability to create high-quality branded intellectual property,” Iger told The Street[6].

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