Electronic Arts Names New CEO

by Christopher Freeburn | September 18, 2013 9:24 am

Electronic Arts ERTS[1]On Tuesday, Electronic Arts (EA[2]) announced that it has chosen its new corporate chief from within its own ranks[3].

Current Executive Vice President Andrew Wilson has been appointed CEO of the video game maker, ending a six month search for a successor to former CEO John Riccitiello. Interim CEO Larry Probst will remain as Electronic Arts’ executive chairman for an unspecified time, the Associated Press notes.

Electronic Arts has been moving to adapt to a consumer shift toward mobile device gaming. The company has streamlined its operations and increased its concentration on its mobile and online businesses.

In March, Riccitiello resigned after the company experienced weak performance. A month later, rumors surfaced that the company was planning a new round of layoffs[4].

Last year, reports circulated suggesting that the struggling company was looking for a potential buyer[5].

Shares of Electronic Art were flat in pre-market trading on Wednesday.

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