Facebook Hashtags Are a Fail

by Karl Utermohlen | September 5, 2013 12:55 pm

Facebook (GOOG[1]) introduced the hashtag in June but the social media network has not benefited at all from doing so.

CNET reports that EdgeRank Checker[2] — a Facebook analytics service — measured how many people have been using hashtags on the website and the answer is not a whole lot. Facebook hoped that hashtags would help posts go viral and reach a wider audience, but EdgeRank’s report shows that hashtags basically do nothing on the media website.

The analytics service’s survey did research on 500 Facebook pages that contained 35,000 posts and only about 6,000 — or 17% — of those posts contained hashtags. Additionally, EdgeRank’s data showed that the posts with hashtags didn’t receive more attention than a regular post.

In contrast, Twitter has been massively successful with hashtags as EdgeRank’s data showed that tweets with hashtags have a 70% higher chance of being retweeted than regular tweets. The analytics company said this data has to do with the algorithms of the two social networks, and Facebook usually receives more exposure with high-quality content over hashtags.

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