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Gas Prices Still Falling: A State-By-State Look

In next few weeks, prices expected to fall by at least 20 more cents


Gas prices might have just set a record for sitting north of $3 for more than 1,000 straight days, but consumers still have plenty to smile about. See, now that we’ve hit fall, gas prices have started falling — and that trend is expected to continue.

National gas prices have been sliding for more than three straight weeks, with the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline sitting at $3.45 as of yesterday, according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report. That’s a dime or so cheaper than gas prices were a month ago.

Take a look at this map of gas prices across the country:

gas prices
Of course, the general downtrend of gas prices is seasonal to some extent; summer is a big driving season, while travel (and thus demand) wanes as the weather cools. But gas prices are 35 cents cheaper year-over-year as well.

On top of that, gas prices are expected to drop another 20 t0 25 cents in the next few weeks.

According to USA Today, two factors outside of consumer demand are behind the drop in gas prices: record-high refining in the U.S. and slumping crude oil prices.

As usual, southern states near the Gulf sport the lowest prices, with South Carolina retaining the title of the cheapest state for gas. The current $3.12 price tag for a regular gallon is a 13-cent drop since our last state-by-state breakdown in late August.

Another steady trait of gas prices: Fuel in Hawaii, Alaska and California still costs consumers the most per gallon. Of the three, though, Hawaii is the only state with prices above the $4 mark.

Here’s a state-by-state breakdown of gas prices:

State Price State Price State Price
Hawaii $4.303 New Hampshire $3.550 Kentucky $3.372
California $3.974 Illinois $3.547 New Jersey $3.365
Alaska $3.972 Nevada $3.543 Arizona $3.361
Connecticut $3.842 North Dakota $3.541 Minnesota $3.356
New York $3.773 Michigan $3.531 North Carolina $3.351
Idaho $3.733 West Virgina $3.525 Oklahoma $3.319
Washington $3.733 Colorado $3.522 New Mexico $3.316
Oregon $3.683 Pennsylvania $3.508 Georgia $3.284
Vermont $3.675 Nebraska $3.500 Louisiana $3.267
Rhode Island $3.643 Wisconsin $3.474 Tennessee $3.232
Montana $3.634 Indiana $3.440 Arkansas $3.221
Maine $3.618 Ohio $3.433 Texas $3.219
Wyoming $3.610 Iowa $3.421 Alabama $3.218
D.C. $3.598 Kansas $3.421 Virginia $3.210
Massachusetts $3.579 Delaware $3.411 Missouri $3.185
Utah $3.579 Maryland $3.393 Mississippi $3.184
South Dakota $3.569 Florida $3.384 South Carolina $3.123

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