Hacker Steals Personal Info of 2M Vodafone Customers

by Christopher Freeburn | September 12, 2013 10:28 am

Hacker's lair laptop red background 630[1]An online thief as managed to penetrate the defenses of an European telecommunications giant collecting personal information on subscribers[2].

The attack focused on data servers belonging to the German unit of Britain’s Vodafone (VOD[3]) wireless carrier. The company said that data including names, birth dates, addresses, account numbers and sort codes, pertaining to 2 million customers had been compromised in the breach. However, Vodafone insists that passwords, PIN numbers, phone numbers and credit card information was not accessed by the hacker, CNBC notes.

Vodafone indicated that it was informing affected customers and that a person possibly linked to the hacking was under investigation by law enforcement authorities. It also warned customers not to fall for fake emails designed to elicit additional personal data.

Earlier this month, Vodafone agreed to sell its minority stake[4] in its U.S. wireless joint venture, Verizon Wireless, to majority partner Verizon Communications (VZ[5]) for $130 billion.

Shares of Vodafone slipped fractionally in Thursday morning trading.

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