Hulu Considers Ad-Free Streaming

by William White | September 27, 2013 11:15 am

hulu 630[1]Hulu is considering offering viewers ad-free streaming[2], for a price.

The joint-venture between Comcast’s (CMCSA[3]) NBCUniversal Television Group, Twenty-First Century Fox (FOXA[4]) and Disney’s (DIS[5]) ABC Television Group already offers Hulu Plus, a paid service, but it only reduces the amount of ads viewers see. The company is talking about introducing a service above Hulu Plus that would remove all ads for viewers. The decision to remove ads from Hulu doesn’t come as a surprise. Netflix (NFLX[6]) and Amazon (AMZN[7]) already offer ad-free streaming to customers for about the same price as Hulu Plus, which cost $7.99 a month. Hulu hopes that the content it obtains almost immediately after it has been broadcast will help it attract customers, reports World TV PC.

Hulu has also been looking to add original content to its streaming service. The company recently struck a deal with Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF[8]) for a comedy called Deadbeat.

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