Intel’s Web-Based TV Plan Is in Trouble

by William White | September 27, 2013 10:31 am

Intel INTC[1]Intel’s (INTC[2]) web-based TV service, called “OnCue”, might not launch by the end of the year like the company’s executives hoped it would.

Intel is looking to team up with another company to help fund and distribute the web-based TV service. The company has talked with Amazon (AMZN[3]) and Samsung in an effort to keep the service alive. Intel has more than 300 employees working on the web-based TV service. The company is currently testing the service through 3,000 of its own employees. The service is designed to work with a set-top box designed by Intel. The plan to create a web-based TV service was announced by Intel executive Erik Huggers in February. Brian Krzanich, who took over as CEO of Intel in May, has been very cautious with the service, “we are not experts in the content industry and we’re being careful,” reports All Things D[4].

According to Bloomberg[5], Intel slowed its work on the web-based TV when Krzanich became CEO. Krzanich has turned the company’s focus toward creating faster processors for mobile devices like tablets and phones.

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