iOS 7 Game Controller Revealed

by William White | September 20, 2013 2:07 pm

The first official iOS 7 game controller has been revealed.

The controller is called the GameCase and its made by ClamCase, which already offers a variety of stands and keyboard cases for Apple’s (AAPL[1]) iPad.The controller connects via Bluetooth, has its own battery and supports all Bluetooth enabled iOS devices. The device isn’t available yet, but those interested in the controller can choose to be notified when it is released via email, reports Touch Arcade[2].

The GameCase looks very similar to Sony’s (SNE[3]) PlayStation controller. The controller features an analog stick placed on the top corners on both sides of the devices, four face buttons similar to PlayStation’s triangle, circle square and X, a directional pad, two shoulder buttons and trigger buttons and what appears to be a “Start” button located next to the right analog stick.

A video showing off the GameCase can be viewed here.[4]

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