Lady Gaga, Ex-Assistant Go to Court Over Singer’s Excessive Demands

by William White | September 11, 2013 12:11 pm

lady gaga[1]Jennifer O’Neill, who claims that she wasn’t paid[2] for overtime when she was Lady Gaga’s assistant, will get a chance to share her story with a jury at a trail scheduled for Nov. 4.

O’Neill worked for Lady Gaga for one to two months in 2009 and for 13 months starting in February 2010. She claims in her lawsuit, which was filed in 2011, that being Gaga’s assistant didn’t leave her with any personal time and that she was on call 24 hours a day. District Judge Paul Gardephe, ruled that O’Neill’s on-call time could potentially qualify her for overtime compensation. O’Neill claims that she was paid $50,000 annually the first time she was hired by Gaga and $75,000 annually the second time she was hired, reports the Associated Press.

One part of the lawsuit, which was seeking $390,000 plus damages[3], was dismissed by Gardephe.

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