LinkedIn Denies Stealing Email Addresses of Users’ Contacts

by Christopher Freeburn | September 23, 2013 9:34 am

LinkedIn LNKD[1]In a post on its company blog, LinkedIn (LNKD[2]) dismissed allegations that it improperly obtained personal data from its members[3].

The professional social networking website flatly denied claims in a class action lawsuit that it uploads the contact lists from member’s email accounts. The company noted that “quite simply, this is not true.”

LinkedIn pointed out that members have the option of sharing email contracts to expand their professional networking connections on the website. However, it denied accessing member email accounts without explicit approval.

The website also denied any other illicit means of gaining access to member email accounts, including mimicking members’ identifies. LinkedIn said it would focus on communicating its policies clearly and rejected claims that it sent invitations to prospective uses using members’ identifies without obtaining permission first.

Last week, LinkedIn announced that it had tapped a former Google (GOOG[4]) ad executive to take the reins of its own advertising unit[5].

Shares of LinkedIn fell modestly in Monday morning trading.

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