Man Changes Address, Demo Crews Demolish Wrong House

by Burke Speaker | September 10, 2013 10:10 am

A Michigan man who wanted to prevent his property from being torn down changed his address so that the demo crews demolished the home of his neighbor.

That neighbor now says the city owes him a new home, and local detectives are investigating whether  they can charge the address-changer with a crime.

The local news station in Pontiac, Michigan reports that the incident came as happy news for the residents in the area, who saw the demolished house as a blight.

From News 7:[1]

… many in the neighborhood are happy the wrong house was torn down. They say it was an eyesore with broken windows. They also said squatters were living in the home.

“If anybody was going to rent that out, it had to be a crackhead,” neighbor Fred Sargent said.

Sadly, the unidentified man behind the trickery wasn’t able to keep the crews at bay for long.

The wrecking crews returned later to tear down his home as well.

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