Man Finds $100 Bills in Walmart Cookie Boxes

by William White | September 26, 2013 10:57 am

Roll of Money[1]A man found two $100 bills[2] stashed away in cookie boxes at a Walmart in Salem, Ore. on Saturday.

The man found the first $100 bill inside a box of snickerdoodles he had purchased. He then went back and searched the other cookie boxes and found a second $100 bill. The man took both the cookie boxes and the money to the customer service desk to tell them about his find. The associates at the service desk confirmed that the money was real and told the man to keep it. Since then, more people have found $100 bills hidden in local stores. A radio station in Portland has taken credit for some of the bills. The station said that its part of its $1000 Cash Cow promotion and that “We just want to do some good.” The radio station hopes that the trend will catch on and that people will start paying the kindness forward, reports Fox 12.

“I opened it up and a hundred dollar bill fell out, just like that,” Phil, the man who found the two $100 bills in the cookie boxes, told KSHB[3]. There were three boxes left and I turned them over, and lo and behold, there was another $100 bill.”

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