Message on Vitamin Water Bottle Cap Stuns Family

by William White | September 20, 2013 3:06 pm

Cocacolamexico[1]Blake Loates, who lives in Canada, was surprised after she found an offensive phrase[2] on the cap of a bottle of Coca-Cola’s (KO[3]) Vitamin Water.

Loates, whose younger sister has cerebral palsy and autism, found the phrase “You Retard” on the cap. The phrase was on the cap as part of a campaign by Coca-Cola that was supposed to pair French and English words together to create funny phrases. In French, the word retard means late, which means that cap was trying to convey the message “You Late.” Loates sent an image of the cap to her father, Doug Loates, who then wrote a letter to Coca-Cola complaining about the message. Doug says that he won’t be drinking Coca-Cola anymore due to the message. Coca-Cola has apologized for the message and has ended the campaign, destroying the remaining caps with messages on them located at the company’s plants, reports Daily Finance.

Doug Loates’ letter to Coca-Cola can be read here[4].

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