Molasses Spill Killing Thousands of Fish

by William White | September 12, 2013 2:52 pm

1,400 tons[1] of molasses that spilled out of a pipe in Hawaii on Monday is expected to kill thousands of fish.

The Department of Health, said in a statement on Wednesday, that hundreds of fish have already been collected and that thousands more are expected to die and be collected. The fish are dying because the molasses in the water is making it hard for them to breath. Some fish have been seen coming to the surface to get air. Pople are warned to stay away from the area as the dead fish may attract sharks or barracudas. The pipe has been fixed and stopped leaking molasses on Tuesday. The company that owns the pipe, Matson Navigation, may have to pay fine for violating the Clean Water Act. The molasses is expected to be visible in the water for the next few weeks, reports the Associated Press.

“There’s probably not much we can do in terms of cleanup other than hope that the natural tides and winds clean out the harbor over the next couple days,” Gary Gill, the Department of Health Deputy Director, told the Huffington Post[2].

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