Monday Apple Rumors: Samsung to Assist With Upcoming A8 Chip

by Christopher Freeburn | September 30, 2013 11:11 am

daily apple rumors AAPL[1]Here are your Apple rumors[2] and AAPL news items for today:

Partnership: It seems that Apple (AAPL[3]) can’t quite shake its reliance on Samsung[4], AppleInsider notes. A report in a South Korean newspaper published over the weekend indicates that the iPhone-maker will team with Samsung during the production of its next-generation A8 mobile processor. While most A8 manufacturing will be contracted to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM[5]), Samsung will produce between 30% and 40% of the A8 chips. The A8 chip is expected to power new smartphones and tablets released by Apple in 2014. Samsung has long been one of Apple’s largest manufacturing partners. However, as the two companies have increasingly competed against each other in the smartphone and tablet markets, Apple has reportedly been looking to reduce its dependence on Samsung as a major supplier. Earlier rumors indicated that Apple would order all its a8 chips from TSM. However, the new report says that TSM was unable to produce high enough production yields for the A8 chip, which uses 20 nanometer technology. That forced Apple to place orders with Samsung, which has made the chips that power every iPhone since its 2007 debut, including the A7 chips in the new iPhone 5s.

Win: Last week, Apple finally secured the rights to the iPhone name in Brazil[6], CNET notes. The victory followed a legal fight against IGB Electronica, which filed for a trademark covering the name in 2000. However, that trademark wasn’t issued until 2008, almost a year after the release of the iPhone. IGB launched an smartphone called the Gradiente iphone, which runs on Google‘s (GOOG[7]) Android operating system in 2012. Apple contested the company’s exclusive rights to the name, but the country’s Institute of Industry Property backed IGB. A judge has now ruled that IGB will have to share the iPhone name with Apple in Brazil. IGB indicated that it will appeal the ruling.

Clearance: Apple is expected to receive final approval from the Cupertino City Council for its new high-tech headquarters[8] when the body meets on Oct. 15, the Los Angeles Times notes. The new complex was designed while Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs still helmed the company. The large scale project features a circular main building, completely enclosed in glass, that is said to resemble a spaceship landing. Apple has faced a number of issues with the much-delayed project, which is years behind schedule and significantly over budget. Initial plans for the complex were shown to the city council by Jobs himself in June 2011. Apple has touted various benefits to the city from the project, including $35 million in permit fees and $68 million in Apple spending on local parks and infrastructure improvements.

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