No More Foam Cups for McDonald’s

by Burke Speaker | September 27, 2013 5:05 pm

No more foam cups at McDonald’s (MCD[1]).

The fast-food giant is moving away from its polystyrene beverage cups to the more eco-friendly fiber-based paper cup for its McCafe hot beverages. The plan is expected to happen over the next year at all McDonald’s locations.

From Restaurant News:[2]

According to an email from spokeswoman Ofelia Casillas, the exact design of the cup has not been determined, but McDonald’s has been testing paper cups in more than 2,000 units on the West Coast for a year and a half.

Several major cities have banned the use of polystyrene packaging in restaurants, including San Francisco; Seattle; and Portland, Ore. Outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a ban[3] earlier this year in his State of the City address.

McDonald’s said the decision happened because of “customers’ changing preferences and increased recyclability.”

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