Rolls-Royce Considers Rolling Out Luxury SUV

by Christopher Freeburn | September 11, 2013 1:09 pm

2013_Rolls-Royce_Phamtom[1]If you didn’t think SUV prices were high enough, don’t worry. There could be a new entrant to the segment[2] virtually guaranteed to charge the highest possible price.

Britain’s famed Rolls-Royce is currently mulling the concept of launching its own super-luxury SUV. CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes said the company finds the SUV market “highly interesting,” but doesn’t have any definite plans to build its own SUV at the moment, the New York Times notes.

The company only sells a small number of vehicles — less than 4,000 last year. But other luxury competitors including Bentley and Italy’s Lamborghini are planning their own entries into the segment.

Should Rolls-Royce — now owned by Germany’s BMW — ultimately go forward with SUV plans, the price tag is likely to be as big as the vehicle. The company’s flagship Phantom currently sets buyers back about $458,400.

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