Spotify Sued Over User Play Lists

by William White | September 6, 2013 2:42 pm

spotify-logo[1]Ministry of Sound, a British dance music brand, is suing Spotify[2] over users’ playlist.

Lohan Presencer, the cheif executive for Ministry of Sound, claims that the music streaming service has refused to delete users’ playlists that that copy the brand’s compilation albums. The company is hoping that the lawsuit will force Spotify to remove the playlist as as well pay for damages and cost. The lawsuit will be decided base on if compilation albums qualify for copyright protection due to the work put into them. The debate isn’t over the playing of the songs, but rather the order they are played in, reports The Guardian.

“Every single time a track is played on Spotify, rights-holders are paid – and every track played on Spotify is played under a full license from the owners of that track,” Spotify told The Huffington Post[3].

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