Staples, RadioShack Pull Amazon Lockers Out of Stores

by William White | September 19, 2013 9:28 am

Amazon AMZN[1]Staples (SPLS[2]) and RadioShack (RSH[3]) have removed[4] Amazon (AMZN[5]) lockers that they put in their stores a year ago.

The Amazon lockers allowed customers of the online retailer to pick up their items ordered online at the stores. Staples and RadioShack likely added the lockers to their stores in hopes that people would purchase other items from the store when they came to pick up their orders. The two retailers likely removed the lockers because they weren’t seeing this happen. Also, Amazon is a strong competitor with the two retailers and may have been undercutting the stores’ profits. RadioShack claims that it has removed the lockers because they didn’t fit with its strategy. Staples says it ended the agreement with Amazon because it “didn’t meet the criteria we set up together”, reports Bloomberg.

While shoppers won’t be able to pick up their Amazon orders from RadioShack or Staples anymore, they can still pick them up[6] at Amazon lockers located in some 7-Elevens.

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