Star Wows Emmys in $60 Dress

by William White | September 23, 2013 1:30 pm

Sarah Silverman wowed the Emmys in a $60 dress[1].

Silverman, 42, showed up at the Emmys in a sleek curve-hugging black dress and a pair of Walter Steiger horn-heel pumps. She told reporters at the event that her dress only cost her $60. Silverman says the dress is called “Stop Staring” and that she picked it up from a fashion website. Since Silverman was spotted in the dress its price has gone up. The fashion website that sells that dress has increased its price to $100. While the dress was a bargain, the Walter Steiger pumps that Silverman was wearing likely cost hundreds more than her dress. Silverman didn’t stay in the black dress the through the whole event. She later switched into a flashy gold dress for her performance with Neil Patrick Harris, reports The New York Daily News.

Silverman also wore a silver bracelet[2] and earrings and carried a small black clutch bag with her on the red carpet.

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