Starbucks’ New Pastry Lineup Heads to East Coast

by William White | September 24, 2013 2:11 pm

200px-Starbucks_Corporation_Logo_2011.svg[1]Starbucks (SBUX[2]), announced on Monday[3], that the Boston area would be the last to receive its La Boulange pastries before the company starts its holiday promotional push.

The La Boulange pastries, which are already available at Starbucks locations in New York, Chicago and along the west coast, were added to Starbucks’ menu after it purchased Bay Bread and its La Boulange bakery brand for $100 million. Pascal Rigo, founder of Bay Bread, was given given the task to create new items for Starbucks food menu after his bakery was bought by the coffeehouse. He started by introducing new breakfast items and will be redoing the chains lunch menu next. Starbucks will resume bringing the pastries to new locations along the east coast after the holiday season is over, reports Nation’s Restaurant News.

Starbucks doesn’t plan to stop with the east coast. Rigo told the Huffington Post[4] that he is already in talks to bring the pastries to Canadian stores and that he feels they would also do well in the U.K. and China.

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