Study: Astrobiologists Reveal ‘Expiration Date’ for Life on Earth

by William White | September 25, 2013 11:56 am

Burning Earth[1]A new study by Andrew Rushby claims that life on Earth will end in 1.5 billion[2] to 2.25 billion year.

According to the report, the sun will begin expanding when it starts to run out of hydrogen fuel. The sun will expand to the point that it will consume Mercury and Venus and could possibly even reach Earth’s orbit. Even if the sun doesn’t reach Earth, the intense heat will boil the Earth’s oceans and ignite its atmosphere. Scientist are studying this event to give them a better understanding of where intelligent life could be found outside of the solar system. Scientist want to look for planets that can hold intelligent life, which are likely habitable to humans. Scientist aren’t just looking at planet based on if they can currently hold life, but also if they could potentially hold life billions of years in the future, reports

Rushby’s full study of Earth’s expiration date cane be read here[3].

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