Study: Walgreen’s Price Can Vary 55% Store to Store

by William White | September 6, 2013 2:00 pm

Walgreens[1]A study by the National Consumers League and Change to Win found that Walgreens’ (WAG[2]) prices can vary as much as 55%[3] store to store.

The study collected its information from Walgreen’s locations in  New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, Calif., and Dallas-Forth Worth. The study is based of off listed prices for a buggy of 25 items, including products such as orange juice and diapers. The study found that in some cities, the chain was five times more likely to have an item at a different price than other stores located in the market. Walgreen customers in Dallas-Fort Worth could pay $3 more for coffee and $3.50 more for cold medication depending on which Walgreen they shop at. Customers who shop at Walgreen’s flagship store in New York City can expect to pay close to 20% more for some items when compared to other stores in the area, reports CNN Money.

“Often stores will say they have different inputs that go into how they price, but we’ve looked at three chains, and what we saw is that other chains have the same variables as Walgreens does without this (level of) price variation,” Matthew Painter, a Change to Win representative, told The New York Daily News[4].

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