Surgeons Grow Nose on Man’s Forehead

by William White | September 26, 2013 12:40 pm

Surgeons have grown a man, identified as Xiaolian, a new nose on his forehead.

The doctors decided to grow the new nose on the 22-year-old man’s forehead because his original nose was damaged by an infection that occurred after an accident involving a car. The doctors planted tissue expanders under the man’s skin and then formed them into the new nose. The doctors expect to transplant the new nose soon. The doctors said that they chose to use forehead skin to reform the nose because it’s the closest match to the skin on the nose. Xiaolian’s new nose will be most vulnerable in the 18 months following the transplant. Doctors say that an infection could cause the cartilage in the nose to disintegrate, leaving him a blob of skin where his nose should be. The new nose will be fully functioning and should work almost as well as Xiaolian’s old nose, reports ABC News[1].

It took doctors about nine months[2] to grow Xiaolian’s new nose.

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