Survey: What Travelers Would Give Up for In-Flight Wi-Fi

by William White | September 11, 2013 9:39 am

passengers in airplane cabin[1]A survey conducted by Honeywell International’s (HON[2]) Aerospace division, found that passengers are willing to give up comforts[3] for in-flight Wi-Fi.

One-third of around 3,000 people surveyed (most being Americans, but the survey also included some British and Singaporeans) listed Wi-Fi as the most important feature on a flight. Around 80% of those surveyed said that Wi-Fi should always be available during a flight. Roughly 90% of passengers would be willing to give up one feature for Wi-Fi with speeds that are comparable to what people have at home. 60% of passengers would rather have Wi-Fi over a seat that reclines, another 60% would give up being able to chose where they sit for Wi-Fi and 25% would give up six inches of leg room for fast Wi-Fi during a flight. 13% of Americans, 17% of British, and 22% of Singaporeans would be willing to give up the use of a in-fight bathroom for stable Wi-Fi, reports CNN Money.

Airlines have been working to add extra features during flights. Scoot Airlines and AirAsia X allow fliers to upgrade to child-free zones[4] for a little extra cash. JetBlue (JBLU[5]) announced seats with sliding doors[6] that turn them into mini-suites last month and Delta Air Lines (DAL[7]) recently teamed up with New York restaurateur Danny Meyer to bring better food[8] to its flights.

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