Trade of the Day: Cisco Systems (CSCO)

by John Jagerson | September 30, 2013 8:24 am

Cisco Systems (CSCO[1]) has been accelerating to the downside recently as more and more major reversal patterns appear around the market. The break at this level (and a completed head-and-shoulders pattern) makes it much more likely that the stock will fill the gap and reach $21 per share.  Traders are fairly split on this stock right now based on the chain sheet, but there is an unusually large amount of volume in the out-of-the-money puts expiring in December. This conforms to our analysis as well. We recommend opening a new position here, as selling could accelerate even more this week as traders deal with the budget/debt ceiling crisis and the labor report.

As usual, set a limit order to avoid paying too much for the option. Market orders can drive the price up very quickly and increase the hurdle required to get to a profitable position.

‘Buy to open’ the CSCO November 23 Puts (CSCO131116P00023000[2]) for a maximum price of 92 cents.

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