UGG Bets on Tom Brady to Get Men Into Its Shoes

by Burke Speaker | September 3, 2013 1:28 pm

UGG (DECK[1]) is banking on Patriots quarterback, all-around-handsome guy, and husband to the world’s highest paid supermodel[2] Tom Brady in its new ad campaign.

The campaign, “For ___ For Men,” shows passionate, talented, dedicated men in their day-to-day lives. The Brady’s spot is titled “For Gamechangers.” The campaign will feature three other themes: For Role Models, For Leaders, and For Mentors.

In the ad, Brady is depicted as riding a school bus to a youth football game and transitions from his early years into the football star that he is today.

UGG has had to battle the “fad” label and has done so remarkably well, fitting men and women in reliable and fashionable footwear that go outside what most know the brand for — its fashionable boots. While women know the shoes well, UGG now faces a challenge to integrate itself with men in the U.S. market.

Earlier this year, InvestorPlace noted that Decker could be a good bet for long-term strategy[3] due to its focus on longevity.

Check out the ad here:

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