Videos in Your Facebook Feed to Auto-Play

by William White | September 13, 2013 10:55 am

facebook_video[1]Facebook (FB[2]), announced on Thursday[3], that it is testing a new feature that will have videos in users’ feeds play automatically.

According to a post by Facebook’s Kelly Mayes, videos will play automatically, but will stay silent until users click on them. Once clicked on, a video will become full screen. The feature is being tested on a limited number of mobile devices and will start showing up on more devices in the coming weeks. Currently only videos from individuals, musicians and band will play automatically, but the feature may work with advertisers and other types of pages in the future.

The feature currently only works with videos that are uploaded to Facebook directly or through services like Instagram. YouTube and other off-Facebook videos will not play automatically, reports Tech Crunch[4].

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