Vince Gill Goes Up Against Westboro Baptist Church

Vince Gill, a Grammy Award-winning country singer, went up against the Westboro Baptist Church outside of his concert being held on Sunday.

The Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest Gill’s concert being held in Kansas City, Mo., due to him having divorced and remarried. Gill divorced his wife Janis Oliver in 1998. He then married Amy Grant, who had divorced her husband in 1999, in 2000. Gill faced the protesters, telling them that “I came to see what hate looked like.” After exchanging a few verbal blows with the protesters, Gill went on to ask in any of the were related to Fred Phelps, pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, or if the group was just part of the church’s ” C team”, reports The Los Angeles Times.

A 55-second clip of the confrontation between Vince Gill and members of the Westboro Baptist Church can be viewed here.

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