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Violent Pakistani Earthquake Creates New Island

But it is only expected to stick around for a few months


pakistan coast mud volcanoesAn earthquake that left 327 people in Pakistan dead earlier this week also gave the country something new.

A small island emerged off the country’s coast after the quake. Local officials say that the island is roughly 25 feet long, 100 feet wide and 60 feet high. The exact mechanism that created it is unknown, but it likely formed when mud and other debris was pushed up from the seabed by a buildup of gases due to the quake, ABC News notes.

Scientists Discover Largest Volcano on Earth
Scientists Discover Largest Volcano on Earth

People in the area who have visited the island say it reeks of a gas-like odor and that the water along the island’s edge is bubbling as gas continues to rise to the surface. Similar islands have appeared after other earthquakes in the region.

The new island is unlikely to last very long, though. Scientists say that storms will probably wash the island away within a few months.

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